Here you find all kind of ORIGINAL E Type S1 spares

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During the restauration of 1E77010 BW I realised that the original spares are the best ones. It is worth reconditioning them rather than replacing with after market pieces.

On this site I want to indicate the differences of OEM and after market.

Also I have some overleft from my restauration which might be of value for you.

As this section is new I will constantly add spares which are obsolete for me. I am talking about dash, gauges, chrome parts, horns, switches ecc …..

Maikel Lemke

Dipl. Ing. Dipl. Wirt. Ing. B. Eng.

Ein Gedanke zu „Here you find all kind of ORIGINAL E Type S1 spares“

  1. Do you have a C18636 SPECIAL WRENCH for Handbrake Adjustment. This is a simple but very distinctive Allen Key that has about a 110 degree bend in it and a very distinctive domed end?

    Plus trying to locate a SI Jack for a 2+2? Obviously diff sepc to the FHC or OTS.

    Many thanks

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